Crazy week that’s felt like a month, gang. Get used to me calling you gang, that’s my running dad joke.


Anywho, AntiFa.

This one gets thrown around quite a bit on our strange teenager, the internet, & I think it gets a bit twisted in our “reality” obsessed society (You can thank my generation for that one, sweethearts. But I’m just starting to wrap my head around that one, so check back).

Most #Antifa you see are busting Nazi heads. Let’s face it, most Nazi heads need busting. It’s a weird subculture, skinheads (let’s just call them what they are, shall we?), lots of confused, smart kids who get shuffled in with violent losers & radically abused middle-aged men (Come on, guys, it’s okay for us to start admitting to this. Fucked up things happen, you either let them weigh you down like a rock, or you cut the fucking rope & float. It’s okay to talk about it, though. Alright. Seriously, that’s what friends are for). It’s angry white boys playing gangsters.

Here’s the deal, angry European boys (except if you’re Irish/Scottish/German & your family & you are stuck in some middle of fucking nowhere Midwest town, you should be a little pissed. But just a little, y’all), people who probably aren’t your ancestors forced a few different races of people here & forced them to build a country.

People get pissed about that shit.

Seriously, Moses laid waste to Egypt for DECADES because Egypt kept the Canaanites slaves (Same thing as the Jews) for so fucking long they lost their shit. Then Rome chased those hard-hitting motherfuckers up North, & the Jews conquered Europe, or at least big frozen swaths of it (Do your own digging. Use the different “scriptures” as maps, apply your common sense. It’s all about connecting history with the rather cryptic imaginations of the English & Southern European cultures. Rome never really disappeared & they conquered Spain & Portugal & used both countries to take the fall for slavery. Whatever. The other key is root language. Remember, Hebrew is the language of Herod—asshole—not Moses. Yiddish is the language of Moses. Like I said, make your own connections & actually read the books you’ve claimed to have read).

I get pissed about that shit.

I get pissed about it because so many people wear blinders, focus too much on themselves, too much on their pain or their loss instead of just forging forward when shit hits the fan.

We all hurt.

Get over it or get out of the way.

Talk to somebody.

I mean really talk to them.

It’s okay.

Being AntiFa!

Yup, see what I did there, removed the hashtag, now it’s just a word.

Like I said, head busting is fun when you’re a kid & all, but Ima 45 year-old dad. I don’t want do that shit anymore. I’ve taken my fair share of beatings (Both physically & emotionally) & I don’t want them.

For real, avoid pain at all cost, gang. It’s better for you.

But I do want to stop Fascism in it’s tracks before it can really take root.

It can happen here guys, no shit.

Being Anti-Fascist means I hate rich people.


I’ve met a few guys this year whose wealth is so staggering that it boggles my mind. I mean, I don’t give a fuck, it’s just money, but it makes things happen in our culture. I admire these dudes because they just put their noses to the grindstone & worked it to the best of their ability. They broke a few eggs along the way, but that shit’s gonna happen, right? You just gotta make sure you take care of the people & things you disrupt.

It’s called personal responsibility. It’s one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but for the most part, not followed up on. Don’t do that shit. For real. We all pay in one way or another, it’s better to just live a good life. If the Mormons weren’t so weird, they’d have a good thing going on. Seriously, of all the Christian based faiths, it’s the most humane, it’s also because it’s the newest. It seems like the LDS is making some real changes (Check out Salt Lakes’ homeless problem. These folks have good ideas, we just need to start listening again. You know, be moderate.), I hope they’re not just being opportunistic, but considering that they’re Americans, there’s probably a bit of a scam in there, but only a little. Just a little something sweet for the bastards at the top.

It’s the American way.

Do AntiFa hate rich people?

Fuck no. If you do the right things with your money (which most folks do), work hard, try to live the best life you can (Once again, we all crack eggs), you deserve your money. If your Mama or your Daddy or your Grandpa or your great uncle Pete made your money & YOU did nothing to earn it, well fuck you. But all you other rich motherfuckers, big thumbs-up, thanks for working so hard!

Do AntiFa hate the police?

Nope, absolutely not.

Listen, Ima an Anarchist (It’s something A LOT different than what you were led to believe. Remember, gang, history is written exclusively by the winners. Well, at least it used to be), I want to be free. But I also realize there’s a big solid chunk of us who aren’t ready for that yet. We need police for the people who haven’t dealt with the idea of freedom so well. It’s okay, it’s a lot of you, & being police (In my weird little verbal quirks, police means you’re alright, you’re there to protect. If you’re a cop, it means you’re a piece of shit. My wife’s next door neighbor is police, & I tell the Midget, if there’s trouble, go there, because he’s police. BTW, I’ll go into policing a bit more down the road, but my overall thought is that police need to live in the neighborhoods they patrol. It’s common sense & it builds empathy in the community. So, yeah, there’s that.), emergency services, nurses, doctors (at least it used to be), teachers, these are all callings & we should treat them as such.

Good police are good police. That’s it.

So who do I hate?

Well, fascists, the real ones. You know, those rich dicks I mentioned earlier? Yeah, those motherfuckers. Those guys who piss on there wives faces & then fuck them in the ass without foreplay or lube. Those guys. The hate fuckers who’ve been hate fucking all of us for the past 2000 years.


Anywho, this WAS supposed to be a night off, but fuck you Dakota @Reef & your goddamn brownie for getting me all worked up (Kidding, dude, I love this shit as much as my girls).

Gotta get back to drawing.