Movie Review: The Neon Demon

Title: The Neon Demon Directed By: Nicolas Winding Refn Written By: Nicolas Winding Refn Starring: Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee Synopsis: “When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will use any means necessary to get what she has in this […]

The New Mad Max Looks Shitty

There’s no easy way to say this, because I like all of the actors involved, and I absolutely love The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. But Mad Max: Fury Road looks like 200,000 pounds of runny shit.  George Miller should’ve left the franchise alone and should’ve just moved onto another project. Here’s the […]

Kind Of A Movie Review—Nightcrawler

  Mrs. Rawson and I went to Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut, Nightcrawler, on Saturday. Here are a few random impressions. 1) “If you want to win the lottery, you have to earn the money to pay for the ticket.” 2) I’ll flat out say it: After Zodiac, End of Watch, Prisoners, Enemy (Seriously, if you […]

Kind Of A Movie/Book Review—The Drop By Dennis Lehane

I saw The Drop with Mrs. Rawson yesterday (The first time I’ve actually gone to a theater to see a film in awhile.) and I read the novel earlier in the month. So, I figured instead of writing two separate reviews, I’d offer up some dual, random impressions about both. 1) First off, Lehane wrote both […]

Kind of a Movie Review—Small Apartments

  I re-watched (I watched it originally with Mrs. Rawson and a friend visiting from New Hampshire about a year ago.) Small Apartments by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund last night. Here are some quick impressions. 1) Mustard and deli pickles, who the fuck eats that? 2) James Cann! 3) Our lead, Franklin (Played by Matt Lucas), […]

Kind Of A Movie Review—Blue Ruin

I watched indie cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier’s award-winning revenge flick, Blue Ruin, with Mrs. Rawson last night. Here are some quick impressions. 1) The protagonist, Dwight, is a nothing of a human being. He exists entirely below the surface of every day life. He lives is his car on a beach in Maryland, scavenges bottles and […]