I was reading Cracked.com last night. It’s not something I do all that often—Don’t get me wrong, I like the site, but the content can become a little too repetitive—usually I’ll read it when I’m bored of whatever book I’m reading, or I’ve finished my word count for the day. Or, as was the case yesterday, I was too tired to put the words down (The baby stayed home with me yesterday with some serious teething issues and the diarrhea and low-grade fever that usually accompanies it. She, of course, decided she didn’t want to nap, either.), and I just wanted to zone out and get a chuckle out of whatever I was reading.

The article I read last night was one of the site’s ’The 15 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now’ photoplay pieces. Anyone who reads them on a regular basis will know that the feature is at times hilarious, but most of the time are just flat out frightening in a sarcastic kind of way. But the picture featured on the right was something I found hopeful and encouraging for a huge chunk of the world, but utterly heartbreaking as far as the future of America is concerned.

First off, let’s completely forget about Trump and his retinue of extremely old, wealthy men. If you’re under the age of 60 or have your thoughts and actions dictated by a 2000-year-old document that’s been rewritten 200 or 300 hundred times, you know they’re a problem. But it’s the financial ideas these men cling to that make them even more dangerous (You know, other than being a bunch of fearful, hate-mongering men).

Coal and oil have been king for the last century as far as energy production is concerned, and this has been a world-wide thing. Utter and total dependence on two finite sources of lighting, heat, etc., but you all know this already. You also know that both forms of energy are filthy and detrimental to human life (ALL life, really) and it would be truly beneficial if we started moving away from these things.

But we’re not.

Instead, the U.S. is ramping up production of both while a despotic dictatorship looks to the future.

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Beijing, you know it’s a complete mess from an environmental perspective. The air quality is like 19th century London on crack, so it just flat out makes sense for them to invest in clean energy for the health of their people. But with the sheer size of the investment China is making in clean energy, they’re clearly not looking to just improve the lives of their citizens, they’re looking to become the world leaders of what is now an emerging technology, but in one-hundred-years will be the technological standard. With this $361 billion-dollar investment, China has become the future and the United States stands firmly on the wrong side of history.

In one-hundred-years, China will be the leader in the design of solar panels, wind turbines, and water desalination, and chances are, America—or what’s left of it (Sorry to be so doom and gloom with that statement, folks)—will be the nation where the products the Chinese design will be manufactured, it’s worker will be making enough to just barely exist and most likely sucking in loads and loads of coal fumes.

Before I go, here’s a big old long list of horrible shit our “government” has done to the American people in the last week.

The Senate voted 51 to 48 to….
1. End coverage for preexisting conditions, veterans benefits, and aid to rural hospitals. (This one gave me a panic attack because EVERYONE in my family, for the exception of my oldest, has a preexisting medical condition.)
2. Remove discrimination protection for women in healthcare.
3. Against the provision allowing children to remain on their parent’s insurance till the age of 26.
4. Cut off funding for the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
5. Against ACA contraceptive coverage and maternity care provision.
6. Direct committees to send budget legislation to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act.
For those who get health insurance through work, no pre-existing conditions. Lifetime caps for coverage are back for everyone.
Real actions are being taken that will affect more than just the 20-30 million people who will lose their health care coverage and the 3 million people who will lose their jobs.
Despite their assertions of this being an action to “repeal and replace,” no viable alternative plan has been proposed.

(Hat Tip to novelist Scott Phillips for the list.)

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