It’s Monday, here are some stray early morning thoughts.

  • Comic con looked fun from what I saw of it, albeit this is the first year in awhile that I didn’t care what was happening in San Diego.
  • Don’t get all pissy about me not caring about your pop culture. It’s awesome that you’re excited and I’m not trying to shit on the stuff you like.
  • It doesn’t make me feel more “adult” to admit I don’t care about comic book movies anymore. In fact, it makes me a little sad, mostly because when I was a kid, I’d dream EVERY movie was a comic book movie.
  • It’s my oldest’s first day of sixth grade (Our school years start insanely early) and I’m going to miss having her at home with me.
  • But in the same breath, she can be a bit of a pain in the ass when she’s bored, so it’s a good thing she’s already going back.
  • I currently have ten short stories and articles out for submission, including one I subbed last night. Writing on spec is a serious pain in the ass sometimes.
  • It rained all night and it’s supposed to rain all day, too. Here in the desert, that’s kind of a miracle.
  • Unsub By Meg Gardiner is quickly becoming my favorite crime novel of 2017. That woman can write.

  • I just finished re-editing and rearranging my new short story collection. I currently have two publishers in mind and I’ll be spending the week writing query letters. A lot of writers find this process to be a pain in the ass, but I kind of like it.
  • It amazes me how much I write on my phone (including this post). It used to be I couldn’t have my phone out for even a second or the baby would lose her shit and want to play with it. Now she can care less, she’s way more into her blocks and running around like a maniac.
  • I’m only interested in one movie this year, here’s the trailer:
  • Anyway, time to make the baby’s breakfast

Morning Soundtrack: Neighbors By J. Cole