It’s Friday night, me and Mrs. Rawson just finished up watching two hours of murder porn (If you’re not in the know, murder porn are shows like Forensic Files, 20/20, Dateline Mysteries, etc., not actual porn where people get murdered in it). Now I’m in the office doing the usual things and kind of excited that my in-laws are taking the kids all day tomorrow. This is our “anniversary” weekend, only delayed by a couple of weeks. I haven’t been without the kids for two months, so I’m feeling a bit giddy.

Anyway, here’s some random Friday night shit.

  • I accepted a book contract for the first time in 2017. A bit of that lack was semi-intentional because of the usual busyness of parenting and focusing on my own projects. The book has a short deadline, but it’s been a fairly easy write so far. Of course, that entirely has to do with the subject matter I have to work with. To say the least, it’s one of the most interesting projects I’ve gotten to work on.
  • I’ll be ending my hiatus with LitReactor starting this month (Upcoming Best 0f 2017). My contributions probably won’t be as frequent as they were, but hopefully I’ll be popping up a couple times a month.
  • Nothing gets me more fired up and driven than having A LOT to do. Don’t get me wrong, I like to be able to focus on a single piece of work, but I like having a couple of other things in the fire to distract myself with if I have to take a step back.
  • Kind of like this blog post. I’m pacing between my laptop and desktop, mostly working on the laptop and then wandering over to the desktop when I get stuck and tap away at this or typing up some new poems and a couple of flash pieces. I like not getting bored.
  • Without a doubt, I’m a night person. I get a ton more done when the sun isn’t up and the house is asleep. Fatherhood has forced me into being a morning person; I’d say it’s a fair trade off.

That’s it, have a nice weekend.

Evening Soundtrack: Got My Mojo Workin’ By Jimmy Smith