The green scum of the pool
Is at least an inch thick. Crisp
Brown Fall leaves and rotting
Grass clippings cling to the
Brine, becoming a part of the
Filth. But for some reason, the
Water still stinks of chorine. All
Stoners are the same, they keep
You trapped and waiting in their
Drifting flat circle of time. But
You suck it up because you know
The fat motherfucker is lonely as
Hell and not so secretly has a
Hard-on for your girlfriend. You’re
On the opposite end of stoner.
You’re a doper. The difference
Between the two is that a doper
Has a job and just wants to light
Up while watching Bottle Rocket.
But you get it, you’ve been a stoner
And you know you’re twice as boring
As this tubby piece of shit. At
Least he has this scummy little
Echo-system in his backyard to
Toss your butts into like flaming
Missiles into a miniature Vietnamese
Village to keep yourself occupied with
While you’re high and waiting.

Evening Soundtrack: Moonshine Freeze By This is The Kit