that cough, the one you wake up with (sometimes)
at 3 AM when you have to piss so hard your guts are
floating. That’s cancer.

same goes for your back ache. No, it’s not because
you passed out hard at 2 in the morning
On the couch,

a spring digging into the tight caffeinated muscles,
cancer, too. It’s a black glob of decaying cells
eating you alive.

and the heartburn—why is your left arm numb?
what’s the smell, burnt toast? No doubt you’re
having a heart

attack. But why are you smelling toast? Isn’t
that a stroke thing? So I guess you’re having
a stroke, congrats!

bye-bye motor and speech functions. And how
about that fart? Something’s not right there,
was that blood

or scat? I don’t blame you for not wanting to
check your underwear. Either/or you’re
a fucking mess,

streaked with blood or shit, or your colon
prolapsing. Hard to believe you’re falling apart
so quickly, because

it only gets better.


Evening Soundtrack: Carseat Headrest