Do we ever celebrate the beauty of a woman’s
Back? The rounded, powerful curves of the

Shoulder blades? The gentle bumps of her
Spine, leading to the softness of the waist,

Tapering towards the mystery and true
Inspiration? It seems like we pay far more

Attention to the curve of a woman’s neck.
We say they are swan like, as if comparing

A woman’s neck to that of a gangly white
Bird is some great and sensual compliment.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but swans
Are unmitigated assholes. They are the

Chasers of children and nippers of curious
Dogs. I won’t even mention the foulness

Of their shit. It seems to me like it’s a
Half-assed, back handed compliment

Telling a woman that she has the neck
Of nature’s biggest douche-bag.
(outside of humanity, of course)

But when it comes to a woman’s back,
There’s nothing to compare its

Elegance and power to, nor is there
Any need to.

Morning Soundtrack: Horses By Patti Smith