Not that anyone gives a shit about my opinions about music. But for me, music helps alleviate my depression and anxiety just as much as writing and reading does. Obviously, it’s important to me.

Anyway, these are all my number one albums. I cheated in a couple of spots and threw in a couple of ties. All of these records have had, and continue to illicit a strong emotional reaction from me. I hope you find something you like in my choices.

And, oh yeah, I know we’re a couple of months from the end of 2017, but I’m done with this year.

Turn Out The Light By Julien Baker

This is a ball kicker of a record. Emotionally powerful and Baker’s vocals are more than capable of handling the depth of the songs.

Process By Sampha

Soulful and honestly composed. Sampha is a superior storyteller and there isn’t a single misstep on this entire record.

We All Want The Same Things By Craig Finn

Let’s face it, indie rock has become elevator music. There’s exceptions, Craig Finn (And his band The Hold Steady) being one of them. Finn’s the Hubert Selby Jr. of rock.

Damn By Kendrick Lamar/Flower Boy by Tyler The Creator (Tie)

Both Lamar and TTC have hit their stride. Both albums are flawless (One bone to pick with Damn. Enough with the opening skits that end with gunfire. Seriously, it just didn’t fit with the overall feel of the record).

Love (By the way, “Love” gets my vote for song of the year.)

Flower Boy By Tyler The Creator

Take Me Apart By Kelela

Quiet and sensual and beautiful from beginning-to-end.

Cold Dark Place By Mastodon

The best thing about Post-Metallica metal is:

A) Most of the bands are WAY better than their 80’s predecessors.

B) Almost all of them have been road warriors for 15 or 20 years and only seem to get better with each new record (BTW, I’m by no means a headbanger).

Mastodon is one of the best examples of this, and their latest EP is one of the most thoughtful records of 2017.

Aromanticism By Moses Sumney

On the same level as Process by Sampha. Beautiful dream like vocals coupled with drifting, quiet melodies.

Gone Now By Bleachers

This was my album of the summer. It’s fun and bouncy with a decent amount of depth to it.

Every Country’s Sun By Mogwai/Luciferian Towers By Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Remember how I mentioned that Indie is elevator music. Neither Mogwai orĀ Godspeed You! Black Emperor fall into that category. Both bands only seem to become more talented with each new recording. And it’s funny that both albums have almost ZERO vocals. Yeah, lead-singers suck.

Every Country’s Sun By Mogwai

Luciferian Towers By Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The Emancipation Procrastination By Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

The Emancipation Procrastination is made up of three separate albums–The Emancipation Procrastination, Ruler Rebel, and Dispora–and is one of the boldest jazz recordings to come out of New Orleans in at least a decade. Great record.

Anyway, those are my favorite records of 2017. What are yours? Remember, I don’t have comments here, so do your list making on social media.

That’s what it’s for, right?