I wake up and read the news every morning. I call it reading the paper, Mrs. Rawson thinks it’s cute I call it that. Although, it’s nothing but a stubborn compulsion on my end; I’m like an extremely old man who calls the internet “the email”. It’s a phrase I’ll always use, like calling music records, or my e-reader a book.

I’m sure most of you do the same as me, take in a trickle of information before you begin your day. For a hefty chunk of you, that means logging onto social media. I used to, too. Now it’s the Post, Al Jazeera, AP, and Reuters.

Here’s the thing, I acknowledge your opinion, you most likely have good points and a lot of you have really shitty opinions, I acknowledge those, too. I just don’t want to read your opinions over coffee. I don’t want to engage in discussion. I want a semblance of privacy.

I won’t get into the myth of privacy, but I still believe in the unexamined life, the truly private.

Am I killing off my social media? No, not really, it’ll all still be there, I won’t be a good chunk of the time. I’ll be here quite a bit (Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to join my email list, that shit’s annoying.), everything from here will post automatically to my social. You can find me on Twitter: @keith_rawson_ and I’m on Instagram (Being lazy, no link. You can find me there if you really want to). I’ll check in every few days, though.

Don’t get me wrong, social media’s great. I love being able to connect with people. But I kind of want to start being creative with the internet again, use it as it’s meant to be used: As a tool.


Morning Soundtrack: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today By David Byrne and Brian Eno