I’m fortunate to have in-laws who love spending time with their grandchildren. Every six-to-eight weeks, they’ll take both the girls for twenty-four hours.

It’s nice.

I know a lot of people who don’t ever get a break for one reason or another, and raising kids becomes a grind.

The downside of the night over at Grandma and Grandpa’s is the adults of the house let the kids do whatever they want, including letting the two-year-old stay up for twenty hours.

She’s just been hanging out in her playpen for the past couple hours and I’m sure she’s not going to want to get out of here any time soon.

Not complaining, only stating a fact. I’m feeling a bit beat to shit today. Mostly sore knees from running and swollen knuckles from typing, I need a bit of extra time to catch my breath, even though I just had a weekend away from the kids.

Guess what? She moved, but just into her stroller. She’s been in here for about an hour now.


Caught Ingrid Goes West with Mrs. Rawson while the kids were gone. Strong performances, solid direction, so-so script. Kept feeling like I’d seen it before.

This is middle-aged weekend excitement. I also stayed up until 2 AM writing and playing videogames.

Definitely partied like it was 1999.

Happy Monday, Bitches.

Try and stay awake.


Afternoon Soundtrack: Bobby Tarantino II