Over the past few years I haven’t been big into self-promotion. I used to not have a problem with it, I’d pop links up on social media, or I would do it a couple of times a day on various formats.

And then I started feeling a bit like a sleaze.

I felt like a sleaze because I had a lot of links. Articles, the occasional anthology. The other thing was, most everyone I associated shared the same number (If not more) of links as I did. It was a clusterfuck of too much stuff that I didn’t have the time to read. And all it made me do was bury my head in the sand.

And then the election happened and my head exploded like three quarters of the country did, and the overall value of social media became nonexistent for me. I was pissed off (And have remained that way, but it’s more of a back brain sizzle.) and more or less cut myself from most social media interaction.

I still posted links, but did it as almost a second thought, an automatic gesture through an outside app where I didn’t have to log into any of my accounts.

I’ve kept it that way for awhile now. ¬†At this point, I spend only five minutes a day and then forget about it. I’ve come to enjoy the quiet of zero electronic interaction. The downside of this is I miss out on being able to report the writing I’m really proud of. Namely, my monthly column, Raw Bites, that Gamut Magazine publishes.

Richard Thomas and crew have let me do something that no one has ever allowed me to do, they let me say whatever the fuck I want to say. And because of this, I’ve published some of my most personal and honest writing. Plus, Gamut puts out some of the most innovative dark fiction and poetry being written.

Anyway, I have a new column up called “How to Disappear Completely“. Yes, you have to be a subscriber to read it. But, trust me, it’s worth the price of admission.

Current Read: The Emerald Circus By Jane Yolen


Evening Soundtrack: Soft Sounds From Another Planet By Japanese Breakfast