No, I’m not bad at blogging, I’m just really good at life, so I’m not going give you excuses for skipping a few days of personal writing. Besides, there’s only fifty or so people reading this (NOT being on Facebook cuts down on my overall traffic, but I can live with it). Obviously, nobody’s clamoring to read this shit, so as with everything, blogging is just a way for me to mentally limber up before the the day gets started.

I had one of the best weekend’s I’ve had in awhile (except for a hunger related tantrum in which I turned into a raving six-year-old AKA my spirit animal), and it did include some horror movies.

Here’s a recap of the flicks and the weekend.

The Cell

I re-watched this one Thursday night. I think this flick is insanely underrated. The three leads bring their A game (including Vince Vaughn, who’s a solid dramatic actor, but who we all still shit on for playing Norman Bates. Let’s knock the shit off with that. It’s an iconic role and what actor wouldn’t want to tackle it? Unfortunately, it poisoned Vaughn’s career.) despite it being a formulaic serial killer script. Definitely worth a watch for the performances and stunning visuals.

The Nun

I took the oldest to this latest entry in The Conjuring series. The series is kind of like the chain Mexican restaurant of horror franchises: you know what to expect, it’s decent enough, and occasionally it catches you off guard with something tasty. The Nun isn’t looking to re-invent the wheel, but it was fun and had a decent script. Besides, I went to spent time with the Midget; it’s kind of strange watching her become a teenager. She’s still the same Sadie, but she’s not … She’s becoming Sadie. Parents of teenagers will know what I’m talking about.


Mrs. Rawson purchased season tickets to the ASU Gamage and Waitress was the first show to hit town. No, it was far from a horror movie (albeit the story behind its road to becoming a musical was most definitely horrible). It was, however, a kick ass musical.

I know, kick-ass isn’t exactly how you would describe musical theater, but it was. And if you think it’s weird I like musicals, you can go fuck yourself, because this shit’s all kinds of fun.

Petting Pooches

We rounded out the weekend visiting dog rescues. This is probably one of my favorite activities largely because me and “pit bulls” are like pees and carrots, and Phoenix shelters are busting at the seems with terriers of all shapes and sizes.

Remember, folks, adopt, don’t purchase.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much the usual art shenanigans: writing, drawing, reading, listening to music, and hanging with the girls. Pretty much a perfect long weekend.

And, yeah, I’ll be keeping up with 31 days of Halloween, I might just have to extend it out for a couple months.

Morning Soundtrack: Lil Wayne, The Carter collection.