This is one I keep coming back to.

The reason the United States is so violent is because of religious fundamentalism.

You may disagree with me, but ask yourself this (Particularly if you live in a fairly populated area): How long would it take you to walk to your closest church?

Me, three minutes at a leisurely pace.

The second one is ten minutes away.

The third is twenty and considered sacred ground to the sub-sect of Christianity who built it.

Next, take a look at the mass shooters who’ve identified as Christian either publicly or from subsequent writings after the killings. (Please take into account that some of the deadliest shooters were raised in what would be described as “devout” households.)

It’s scary, and I wish more people would watch the end of There Will Be Blood. I find this to be a fine representation of 20th and 21st century religious beliefs.

If you’re Christian, I don’t find you scary or weird, it’s the fact that Americans wear their faith on their sleeves like it’s a badge, or an identifier. Growing up, I was more or less taught you didn’t discuss two things in public (And mind you, my folks broke this rule all the time.): Politics and religion. You kept both at home because neither mattered to strangers, it was your business. I still kind of like the idea of it, now I just have to put it into practice.